Poshmark Tip #1

Make sure you follow other closets on Poshmark. Most of the time they will follow you back and usually will share your closet. If you plan on sharing you will need followers.

Poshmark Tip #2

Sharing is the life of your closet, and remember that sharing the closets of others will give you more shares in the end. Try to find a sharing system that incorporates both your closet and others.

Poshmark Tip #3

Share the feeds. This helps you gain exposure to closets that are currently online and you will also gain shares and followers. It is very important to share the Love on Poshmark if you want to become successful at it.

Promote Your Closet

Tell prospective customers more about your listings and the discounts that you offer in your closet. Utilize your facebook and other Social Media platforms to get the word out. You also have the option to share your listings to social media platforms. Make sure you take advantage of this and don't forget to post on blogs such as this one.

Post Your Closet To Our Blog

Posting your closet to our blog will help provide you with more online visibility and increase your chances of converting a sale.